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ashlyn. :-)

I love Chelsea FC and Rafael Nadal.

I like Les Bleus and Samurai Blue too.

.. That's pretty much it.

Oh, I'm pretty inactive now. I occasionally reblogged some Chelsea/Rafa stuff and then disappear for a couple of weeks again. I have been neglecting the national teams I support... I will be back in June, I guess.

some really shitty gifs I make
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No longer using this tumblr.

I moved to here. :)

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Petr I really love your face petr cech Frank Lampard Chelsea fc

Too many records for me to handle


A 200-2 record on clay after winning the first set.

21st Masters 1000 title.

Regaining Number 2 ranking.

Record 6 Rome titles.

STILL hasn’t dropped a set this season on red clay… let alone a match.

Beating Novak is a record in itself.

If he wins Rolland Garros. It will be a record 7 times and it will be his 50th Career title overall.

Ahhh Go Rafa.


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wow.. just wow rafael nadal


It’s crazy how a thought of my favourite football player leaving his club has never once appeared on my mind before.

I used to always think he will never leave. I used to think he will get a new contract deal, for sure. I used to think that he will play on this field until his retirement. Until Lampard, Terry, Cech get old together.

But now, he is actually leaving. This is crazy.

Fuck reality.

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dider drogba

Rafa won.

Seeing him smile, gosh, really is the best feeling in the world.

You did it again. Time to take back all the trophies and points that were meant for you in the first place. Most importantly, your confidence.

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rafael nadal
Thank you. Your gifs are terrific.
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No problem!

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Drogba, always the peoples man, lets a fan kiss his winners medal. That’s the definition of classy. 
It’s funny how the reception he received tonight starkly differs from the last time we were in the final. The fans, and the world, were sure the club was going to sack him, a lot of people didn’t want him back - thank God no one acted on that.
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If you leave i don't know anymore. Didier Drogba king Chelsea fc

The rain has stopped. The covering of the court is being removed. Play is about to resume

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I am so sleepy already ugh homework and exams and school gdi VAMOS RAFA Sorry I can't take it anymore my eyelids weigh a ton now I love you and I'm sure you will win vamos!!!
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their faces Didier Drogba petr cech frank Lampard ramires Roberto di matteo Chelsea fc
Thank you, dear.
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I made them! I hope these are what you wanted. :)

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his son was like 'DAD OMG HIGH FIVE......... okay.jpg chelsea fc my gifs roman abramovich
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roman abramovich chelsea fc my gifs
Hey Ashlyn! Nice blog, btw. Can you make gifs of Abramovich's son who was hysterically crying yesterday? :)
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Hahaha, sure! I will do it now.

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perfect gif petr cech chelsea fc